Welcome at Passioncar

According to the motto „Lux et veritas“ we have one goal: to meet your desires transparently.

Transparency also means to display our customers not only the positive sides of a so-called Youngtimer but to point out the technical features and the resulting costs. It happens that we do not recommend buying a Youngtimer. This may sound 'crazy' – nevertheless your satisfaction has priority over our profit. Our dear customers are mainly Youngtimer-lovers who want to enjoy their car in their leisure time.

We focus on their needs and we take our time in order to consult you as best as we can. We do share your love in details. Buying a Youngtimer is seldom purely economic but instead always an emotional purchase. We offer you an appropriate atmosphere and our wide knowledge in this field.

Passioncar focuses on giving you a long-lasting pleasure with your future classic automobile.

In the last 7 years we sold about 800 future classic cars and we are fascinated by these wonderful automobiles everyday.