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OCC Insurances

OCC Insurances

The OCC company offers low tariffs with a good insurance cover. Every car over 20 years is registrated as a Youngtimer provided that it is in an excellent state with original components and is not used on a daily basis. Not only are there brands like Opel and Ford among the Youngtimers but you can also find the 107 and 116 Mercedes series and interesting 911 Porsches as well as a BMW E 30 and Z1 and an especially well-preserved Jaguar. Besides their usual market value these classic cars can also be insured by their restoration value.

SLR 129 Club Germany

We are the official cooperation partner of the SLR 129 Clubs accredited by Mercedes. The Club has about 1500 members and it offers different services:

Our life in the club

The official Mercedes-Benz SLR 129 Club e.V. is everywhere, as there are no limits when it comes to have fun and enjoy the cruise with your Yongtimer. We especially care about being locally represented and this is why our local meetings are one big and important event for our club.

Our association is no anonymous or central institution; it practically takes place in front of every house owning a SL. We explicitly invite non-members to participate at our reunions in order to get in touch with our club and our members. Our experts are always available for our members.

Our offer

According to our motto „Cruise, party, care“ we do care about keeping in touch with each other, cruising together, making cultural trips and just enjoying our time together. If you have any technical problems with your SL, do not hesitate to contact the experts of our club.

Our services

Your Mercedes-Benz Club Card is your personal membership card and it enables you to enter the Mercedes-Benz Club lounge online. In addition to our 2 Club magazines „R129 Classic roadster“  you will also receive our 4 annual issues of „Mercedes-Benz Classic“.

As a member of our club you have always permitted access to our technical archives and furthermore you can contact our heads of the technical department personally. You can also participate in our local workshops in order to get professional help with your questions.

TÜV North

Inspections are run by TÜV North. This inspection service will ensure your increase in safety. Furthermore, the engineers will conduct your personal TÜV check for used cars informing you about the actual condition of your future Youngtimer.

Classic Data

The exact value of a car depends on many factors. Besides its condition, it is also its history and its additional equipment which is taken into account. If you have any questions about your car's value, don't hesitate to contact the Classic-Data-Partner in your region. Your car will be valued concerning its special features which is especially important when you consider selling or buying. The examined value can be used in negotiation and furthermore it will provide you with safety. 

Engineer office Diekel

We are cooperating with our regional Classic-Data-Partner called Diekel.

BERESA Leasing

The company BERESA Leasing is our fair and competent partner. Leasing instead of buying is an attractive alternative as the VAT can be declared. As a customer you can only profit from BLG Leasing.