You are interested in buying a future Youngtimer

The automobile's quality is crucially important. The vast majority of our vehicles is imported from Asia, mainly Japan. We would like to give you some background information on this topic in the following section.

Japan had an enormous economic growth at the end of the 1980s. As a result, there has been a great import of western luxury cars like Mercedes and Porsche being a symbol of status and therefore emphasizing the owner's social status.

In Japan as well as in Great Britain, cars are driven on the left side of the road. Nevertheless, Mercedes vehicles were mainly ordered as left-hand driven cars (for driving on the right side like in Europe). Why? Because it is a privilege to sit on the left side of a car. Only members of the upper class can afford european cars and those are mainly used as the extra third or fourth car. 

magine you would have to drive a right-hand drive Jaguar in the city of Frankfurt, a narrow car park. By the way – a car park in Tokio is up to 500€ a month and it is obligatory for car owners. On the other hand, however, there is a huge request for maximum originality as it is requested in the manufacturers' countries. In Japan, the maximum speed limit on highways is 100km/h (in some regions only 80km/h).

Consequently, the vehicles never reach their limits and therefore they are never worn out completely. The mileages are vastly low as those cars are mainly used for representation purposes and therefore they are not stuck in traffic jams like regular japanese vehicles. Nevertheless you are still supposed to check out the data as in Japan there are also vehicles with a high mileage. There is another advantage about japanese cars and this may be the decisive factor: road salt. Being the biggest enemy of a vehicle, road salt is not used on japanese roads. In Germany, cars with high corrosion damages are mainly vehicles from the Alp region whereas high humidity and the maritime climate have no negative effects on japanese cars.

With few exceptions, all japanese cars are stainless and in an excellent state of maintenance as their wealthy owners take a great deal in looking after their cars meticulously. Convertibles are special. Due to cultural reasons, convertibles are never driven open in the Far East. Therefore the interiors are never exposed to UV radiation and in a very good condition – after 20 years they seem almost to be new. The hardtop of the Mercedes SLR 129 is only taken off when inspected. This has no negative effect for its use as a convertible in Germany, except for a few blockages when the convertible has been opened for the first time. 

Technical quality

We are not purely a sales company but rather a kind of restoration business.

Before driving the Youngtimers safely throughout Germany, the cars are subject to numerous updates and renovations. The following is a part of a list of components which are due to be replaced in OEM quality if required:

  • brake disc
  • brake linings
  • brake hoses
  • wheels
  • ball joints
  • steering dampers
  • strut bearing
  • update of ignition system (spark plugs, distributor caps and rotor)
  • oils
  • filters
  • headlights (when re-equipped for right-hand drive)

A lot of rubber-made components have become porous because of age. They have not been replaced due to minor use and low driven speed in the Far East. In addition, all weak spots of the Youngtimer are checked according to the list above and replaced if required. For the Mercedes SLR 129 the following are:

  • hydraulic system of the hardtop
  • hardtop
  • dolphin pile of the bonnet
  • electrical seat adjustment
  • height adjustment of headrest
  • make-up mirror
  • compartment for glasses
  • kerb damage

As you can see, if not properly examined and repaired, there are a lot of things which can spoil your excitement about your Youngtimer. Being happy about a low prize may not last for long. We are well aware of the fact that we are not the cheapest Youngtimer seller – and we don't want to be either. Nevertheless, under the given circumstances and considering our quality, we indeed are one of the most convenient.