Check list for purchase of a Youngtimer

  • The distributor does only deal with Youngtimers
  • The vehicle has a reported TÜV inspection
  • The vehicle had at least one oil change and brakes had been replaced
  • It is possible to examine the car considering its resist film thickness with a special knife to find out whether it had been damaged in a previous accident
  • Stainless bodywork and no traces of previous accidents
  • You can inspect the car from beneath with our car lift
  • Long test drives are offered
  • TÜV check for used cars is possible or has already been conducted
  • Classic Data Certificate
  • Vehicle can be inspected at the brand-dealer
  • Documentation of mileage
  • Reliable history
  • Good reputation
  • Possible future flaws will be pointed out to you
  • wide range of vehicles onsite
  • Distributor exists longer than 5 years

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